My Writing Projects

As a person with an untameable imagination, I must write to mitigate myself. I’ve started many projects over the years but last summer I stepped up my game and actually created a website to share my work in progress.

Writing stories is a lot of fun. It’s kind of ironic as I used to fail English classes and ask exchange students how to spell words… But, now instead of spending my free time playing games or watching movies and tv shows I spend a portion of that time reading and writing. I’ve invested countless hours into developing my own stories to enrich others experiences and perhaps entice some powerful emotions as well as share radical life changing ideas.

I have two writing projects online at the moment.

UTA: Unlimited Teaching Assistant

During the summer of 2017 I started writing What Tomorrow Brings. What Tomorrow Brings is a story of a curious kid living in the greater Vancouver area. However, it takes place about 80 years in the future. And, let me tell you, it’s a future many of us would be thrilled to see and be a part of. Sadly I have not given it much attention in 2018… But, I will revisit it once I become more efficient at creating the art for the project. Click Here to visit the site. There are 6 episodes online at the moment.

IWASHUMAN-logo2The second writing project that I’m presently working on is called I Was Human. I Was Human is a fantasy thriller based in a medieval world, within a first person experience. It’s a story that follows a simple man as he transforms into somewhat of a monster. I’m very excited about getting deeper into this story. As of today I will have 4 chapters online. You can find them Here.

Both these stories are inspired by dreams I’ve had in the past. I plan to publish them into books one day. If you enjoy them please leave comments on the sites. Corrections, suggestions and other edits are most welcome.