To promote what you believe in, is vital to the success and growth of whatever it may be. Christianity is an extreme example of advocacy, but the principles are the same wether you are promoting a product, project or lifestyle. Wether you think people should travel to a specific place or travel the world. Wether you think everyone should snowboard or surf at least once in there life. Wether you think people should try eating at your favourite restaurant or cook more often at home. Wether it’s a educational institution you are fond of or an organization. Wether it’s Movies, Games, TV Shows, YouTubers, Books. Promote and Advocate what you admire, appreciate and would like to see more of in the world.

Here are some things that I would Like more people to know of.




  • CGCookie: (An Amazing educational platform for learning Blender, Unity, 2D and  3D Art)
  • Sketchfab:

Lifestyle Hacks

  • The pomodoro study technique (25min concentrated work cycles)
  • The Everyman method (4 hours of sleep a day)
  • How to learn anything fast (Rapidly improve ones capabilities and skills)