About Me

My Name is Jesse O’Leary

I live to inspire people to take action. I live to enable them to see the world in a different way. I live to build a future…

I cannot except the world the way it is today with all it’s needless suffering. With all the counter productive systems of politics and economics. I’ve learnt how to effectively extrapolate information and now I can see many possible alternatives to the present systems.

I see a world where parents have more time to spend with their kids. Where kids have access to a relevant education and are encouraged and empowered to follow their interests and dreams from an early age. I see a world where the elderly are respected and well taken care of until the last moment of life. A global society where innovators have free access to knowledge, resources and the equipment they need to improve the world for more simple .  A world were humanity accepts responsibility for their actions and with much thought and critical analyzation goes about vastly reducing their footprint and restoring the life support systems of the natural world.

Intelligently designing the future is where I’ve decided to focus my energy because I understand that we all have the power to influence the future. If you are unconvinced of this just imagine anything that you do in the present and think about how it effects your future. Here are some examples:

Spend time painting your house, after your house is a fresh new colour for years to come.

Jump on a plane to visit family or go on vacation one day, you wake up in a completely new environment the next.

I could go on there are endless examples that act as solid proof that the actions we take in the present ripple into the future and build the reality we will experience at a later date.

Now lets take about changing the world! It all depends on the level of influence an individual has to inspire others into action and this is what I am focusing on. This is the reason I wake up at 5:30 every morning and have conditioned myself to run off 4 to 5 hour of sleep a day. There is not enough time in the day otherwise. This is why I don’t have time for simple minded entertainment or monotones socializing.

I have a mission and that mission is to inspire you to reach for your highest potential, inspire everyone to reach for their on highest potential. Because, from my perspective having an empower, educated and diversely skilled people is the only way we will will be able to undo the damage we have caused and shift our focus to the more enjoyable things in life.

We Are All In This Together.