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Thank Vlog ep 10

This was my first day in Europe and my first time ever exploring a medieval castle. I’ve been waiting 28 years to find myself in such a place. When I was a child, at about the age of 13, I felt like I was born in the wrong time. I felt like I should’ve been born in medieval ages.

That feeling has changed as I grew up and now I am extremely happy to be born in the 21st-century because there is so much to live for today. There’s so much to explore, so much to see and a great deal of safety and good health in comparison to the past.  Not only that but there is so much meaning and so much to be done in the world today. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to help improve humanity.

I hope you enjoy this adventure through a relic of the past. I know I did.


1 thought on “Thank Vlog ep 10”

  1. Hi..! Really impressive the vivid quality of that castle interiors’ images…, Looking so neat and close …almost one feels to be there.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this video.! I work as a Literature teacher, so it will be nice to show it to students when reading some related text.(” Hamlet”!)
    So…, glad to have met your blog. !
    Nourishing to read a young person thinking and writing with such a possitive trend.
    Greets from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.!


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