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Think Vlog ep 06

This was a nerve wracking day to say the least. Lets watch my largest investment race down the highway on the back of a trailer…

It was funny to watch peoples reactions to the wizard shack whipping down the road on the back of a flatbed. Some people couldn’t stop watching it. I saw them staring into their rear view mirror after it had passed… Yet others didn’t even seem to notice at all. I guess everyone is unique. People have different interests and levels of focus and distractions in their lives. All I know is that I would have been one of the ones staring into my rear view mirror.

It took some time to set it up and get it leveled after it’s short journey to it’s new home. Next episode I’ll be giving you a tour of the interior so stay toned!

And as always thanks for watching!

Jesse O’Leary


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