My name is Jesse O’Leary and I’m super pumped on life! There are just so many things to do, things to learn and experience. Here on thinkindependently.blog I’ll be franticly racing to keep up with myself and share anything I feel people might get a kick outta… Which happens to be a lot.

As of late I have been working on my Vlogability and now believe I just might be able to keep up with myself.

This social networking platform is still in it’s early stages and has some issues, however the designers vision is grand! The platform’s function is to facilitate the exchange of things for free. Weather it be material tools and resources or ones time, skills and energy. I was not sold on this platform or idea initially. After all who is going to invest their time, energy and things freely?

The site sends emails once a week doing it’s best to connect people and through one of these emails I found a person offering her skills as a proof reader and editor. I am so grateful for this connection and to Colin Turner (the developer of Freeworlder.com).

The motivation I’ve gained from this new free world editor is astronomical. I’m even more excited to wake up each morning and write.

So What are you waiting for? Join Freeworlder and see who you will connect with.

Thanks Kelly, Colin and Freeworlder.com

Thanks Freeworlder.com

CGCookie.com offers some of the best online training for Blender I’ve found. The site catalogs all the lessons you’ve watch, courses you’ve completed and progress you’ve made. In some way it introduces a game component to the learning process. It’s really easy to see where you left off and find information that might of slipped your mind.

To be honest I wish everything was freely accessible. CGCookie is a paid subscription based online college. I took a while to sign up. I did the research on it and was intrigued but not sold. One day they offered a 20% off on yearly subscriptions and I finally decided to invest and I’ve never looked back. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner.

CGCookie is amazing. I couldn’t be happier with it.

If you are interested in growing your skills in 3d art, game design, concept design or sculpting you have to look into CGCookie.com